Lightning Crank Photos

Here are some detailed photos of the amazing Lightning Cranks. I plan to write up a review of them when I get the time… But for now I’ll at least post these images:

6 thoughts on “Lightning Crank Photos

  1. Hi Nico-

    Those are sweet cranks but you have the patent license backwards. Specialized bought the patent from Lightning and gave a Lightning a license to use the design.


  2. The q-factor is a little complicated on this crank set because the pedal threads are inset slightly from the outside of the carbon crank arm. What this means is that some pedals need to have a little pedal spacer inserted so that the flange or shoulder on the pedal doesn’t hit the carbon crank arm. And some pedals, ones without a big shoulder, don’t need a spacer and will sit nicely in the recess on the cranks. So Lightning lists the q-factor as:

    149mm with pedal spacer
    145mm without pedal spacer

    Make sense?

  3. Yes is the short answer. Lightning makes (and we have) cups for
    BB30 frames. This confuses people because the Lightning crank uses
    BB30 bearings, and the cranks would slide into the bearings in your
    BB30 frame. The problem is that the bearings in your frame are too
    close to each other and contact the Lightning spindle in the wrong place.
    So the solution is to use cups that press into your BB30 frame and place
    the bearings further out. The cups are aluminum and don’t weigh much.
    I’m not in the office (typing on my iPhone right now) but I’ll weigh the
    cups on Monday.

    One advantage of this setup is that you can use the same cranks
    on a standard frame by purchasing another set of cups.

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