EDGE 45mm Clincher Wheels on DT Swiss 190 hubs

Here’s a little photo gallery of the new EDGE 45mm clinchers. We also have the 45mm clincher rims not laced into wheels, and a set of tubulars, also not laced into wheels, and I’ll try to get some photos of them on the site soon.

My initial reaction is that the shape looks to be much more aero, without the concave shape of the 38mm rim it replaces. I like the aesthetics quite a bit.

I’m a bit disappointed by the weight — I was thinking that they would be 30 or 40 grams lighter per rim. But I can’t think of any carbon clinchers I’d rather have.

Comments and questions are welcomed.

2 thoughts on “EDGE 45mm Clincher Wheels on DT Swiss 190 hubs

  1. hi.
    I wonder about th equality of edge 45 clincher carbons.

    I melted some zipp 303 about 5 years ago. Have other zipp that bulged. Have a pair of corima that bulged and stress cracked.

    Also had a pair of reynolds KOM they seemed good and have a good rep for high quality.

    If I get carbon clinchers I look for high quality of the rim first. Then performance.

    Whats your take on the edge rims quality compaired to the reynolds?

  2. Whats your take on the edge rims quality compaired to the reynolds?

    We sell both Reynolds and EDGE rims, but we have much more experience with EDGE. To be totally honest, I think the quality is the same, at least when I’m comparing the Reynolds DV46 UL with the EDGE 1.45. These are both tubulars and I know you’re asking about clinchers, so this is just a remark on the quality of both. Reynolds originally claimed that the DV46 UL tubular would weigh 250 grams, which is crazy light, but I believe they were having problems with those super-light rims and they beefed them up to around 300 grams. EDGE claimed 280 grams for the 1.45, but those also seem to come in right around 300 grams. When I hold these two rims side-by-side, and when I put them on a scale, they really seem very similar to me; they are both beautiful, light, and well made.

    We have EDGE 45mm clincher rims in stock, and those are also gorgeous rims. We don’t have any Reynolds clincher rims in stock, but the ones I’ve seen look very similar.

    Sorry for the wishy-washy answer, but I don’t have a strong opinion on one being better than the other. The one thing I will say is that Reynolds is often way behind in fulfilling orders and it can take a long time to get their stuff.

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