EDGE Stems have arrived…

We haven’t had time to do anything other than unpack and photograph these stems. They aren’t shipping the long or the short stems yet, but we’ve got 2 of each of the middle range (10cm, 11cm,  12cm). They come in two styles, and I think they both look fabulous. Sorry for the lack of a review, but we will try to get to it soon. They are light, but not crazy light by any means. They look and feel like jems.

The white faced one on the scale (120 gr) is a 10cm, and the black faced one (129 gr) is a 12cm.

The stems are all +/- 6 degrees.

Edge plans to release 3 more sizes: 75mm, 90mm and 130mm. So the full range will be: 75mm, 90mm, 100mm, 110mm, 120mm and 130mm. But they don’t have a release date yet and it might be several month out before we get any. Edge says the stems have been hugely popular and selling like hot cakes, which is great.

3 thoughts on “EDGE Stems have arrived…

  1. Two quick questions. What angles are available and are the decals removable, if in fact the logos are decals.


  2. I recently switched to a 110mm Edge stem from a Ritchey Matrix Carbon… and the Edge is both lighter and stiffer. Not dramatically different, but it feels slightly more precise. It also pairs well with my Edge 2.0 fork. All in…a lightweight front-end with great stiffness.

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