Aluminum Campy 11-Speed Cassettes (RECON) Are Here

This makes me think of the movie Spinal Tap… “But this cassette goes up to eleven!”

We just got our first shipment of Campy 11-Speed Aluminum Cassettes from Recon. They are BEAUTIFULLY machined, and quite light. They are not as light as the 10-speed, but I’m sure that’s just due to the additional metal for the 11th cog. I’m not sure if most cassette weights are with the lockring or without, so I’m posting a photo of both. We have the cassettes in 11-23, 11-25 and 11-27. All are silver.

We should be getting 11-speed titanium Recon cassettes in a few weeks.

5 thoughts on “Aluminum Campy 11-Speed Cassettes (RECON) Are Here

  1. will there be a 12-25 in eleven speed in aluminium or titanium? if so how much? thank you for that.

  2. What’s the diferrence between the 11 speed titanium campi 11-27 silver or gold besides the color?

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