Interbike 2009 Vegas Photos

This is sort of fun technology — I’m using an eye-fi SD card in my Panasonic DMC-LX3 which is uploading photos to flickr via my CradlePoint portable router connected to my Verison USB720 EVDO USB Modem. I then used Flickr Slide Show to create a Flash slide show of the images.

So now I can walk around the Interbike 2009 Expo shooting photos and they appear live on this blog almost instantaneously. I’m not sure yet if you’ll have to refresh this page, but you probably will, to see the new images. I’m also not sure if the Flash movie will cache the images and XML making it difficult to see the new ones as they arrive, but we will find out soon enough.

If you’d like me to shoot anything in particular, feel free to send me a text message and I’ll try to accommodate your requests. 303 882-8083

Created with flickr slideshow.

9 thoughts on “Interbike 2009 Vegas Photos

  1. Great images so far – THANKS
    check out: Areaware, Pashley, Brompton booth (cluster) new bikes n bitz, mainly urban.

  2. No joke – this is great. I’d love to see pictures from the Lynskey Booth, particularly the new ProCross.

  3. I have enjoyed Interbike this year but there pics are awesome. Thanks for sharing! Technology is going to spoil us if it hasn’t already. Talking about the camera here…of course it applies to bike technology too.

  4. Awesome photos. Try using the MiFi, rather than a CradlePoint. It’s much smaller, and if you hook it up to a Tekkon MP1800 battery, you’ll get 14 hours of uptime from the MiFi.

    The combo of the MiFi + Eye-Fi is awesome ;-)

  5. Quote:
    can you see if Giro is going to release that new TT helmet.

    I looked the Giro booth and took photos of the Advantage 2 helmet, which appeared in a few different colors, but I didn’t ask if they were releasing it. Is the Advantage 2 a new helmet?

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