One thought on ““Ugly Duckling” aero bars

  1. Could not agree more on all 3 points. A good pair of sthros could be the difference between suffering through a ride, or having the best time of your life. Never understood how people can spend $2000.= on a bike and then buy a $20.- pair of sthros and a $20.- helmet! Instead spend $1500.- 0n the bike and get some good quality shoes, sthros, a jersey , a helmet and gloves. You spend the same, but your enjoyment is nearly guaranteed. The other way, the chances of that $2000.- bike ending up hanging on the wall after a few rides is nearly predictable.On the weight part, you are doing fantastic! Stick with it and work your way down to an achievable plateau, then start back on semi normal eating habits ( a few treats here and there) and see if you can maintain that plateau. Usually you can, with the continuation of the biking routine. And start picking up some winter riding clothes if and where you can. It will extend your season by at least 1-2 months, thus less time to gain back what you lost lol.Keep it up Paul and enjoy your rides!Nick.

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