New affordable 7 gram AX-Lightness seat cover

7 grams of AX love

7 grams of AX love

AX-Lightness Premium AX1000 saddle & "cover" on scale

AX-Lightness Premium AX1000 saddle & "cover" on scale

A big box just arrived from AX-Lightness today, and we always enjoy opening the box to fondle the goods. But while I expected to see the meticulously crafted, carefully bubble-wrapped, signature AX-Lightness carbon parts, what caught my eye instead was the new 7 gram AX-Lightness “seat cover of love”.

Is AX-Lightness branching out of the lust-worthy bike part business and going directly into the lust business?

Out of interest I measured the regular Phoenix saddle (3k carbon weave) against the Premium Phoenix saddle (1k carbon weave) and the Premium, with the new seat cover included (see photo at right) came in at the same weight as the non-premium saddle sans sexy cover! So the difference between the two saddles is 80 Euros ($110 USD)  and 7 grams. This particular 7 grams can in some cases mean the difference between a “casual fun ride” and a “serious consequences ride”.

We have two of these in stock but I can’t bring myself to post them on our website… I have no idea what the MSRP should be. Suggestions welcome…

And if you haven’t figured this out already, this is indeed a condom… A few readers have asked me if this is really a seat cover or not :-)

One thought on “New affordable 7 gram AX-Lightness seat cover

  1. could you test one and let us know how durable they are? Right now I’m using a lycra one to protect one of a very few existing Louis Garneau Viper D1 saddles (consequently one of the few saddles that fit my sit bones perfectly) so I’m always looking for good saddle covers.

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