AX-Lightness Alpha 580 gram frame!

AX-Lightness ALPHA 580 gram frame

AX-Lightness ALPHA 580 gram frame

LUST is the only word I can use to describe my feeling for this photo… I’ve heard rumblings of the AX-Lightness frame, but in recent days those rumblings seem to have turned into reality. While Photoshop hobbyists might spend days working on fake iPhone images, they don’t generally work on fake bike frame photos; this is real and I WANT ONE!

Now will it really weigh 580 grams for a small? And just how big is a small? And will it be stiff enough for real racing? Given my experience with AX-Lightness, and their history for producing awesome stuff, I’m going to remain optimistic.

So what I know so far is that the price for the frame only is supposed to be 3900 €, and the price for the frame+fork+headset is supposed to be 4600 €. When you compare that to the recently announced Cervelo California Project, this seem like a veritable bargain. With the current exchange rate that’s $5,300 for the frame, sans fork and headset.

There’s a discussion on the frame on the Weight Weenie forum here: And if you can read German, then you can check out this page:

4 thoughts on “AX-Lightness Alpha 580 gram frame!

  1. I’ve communicated with Nils from AX-Lightness about the frame, and they do intend to release geometry specs, but in short, the cat got out of the bag sooner than they wanted. They were hoping to have more control over the spread of information, and right now they want to concentrate on getting their new crank done.

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