DASH hubs specs

We recently posted a photo teaser on the new crazy-light DASH hubs. which are hand made here in sunny Boulder, Colorado. We would have taken them apart, and shown photos of the internals, but doing so requires special tools which we don’t yet have. We hope to get a set of tools in a few weeks. I did get some more specs on the hubs from Weston Snyder at DASH Cycles and given all of the interest in the hubs we figured it was better to post something than nothing at all. Weston also said he’d send us some photos of the internals in about a week and we will post those when we get them.

Rear Hub


  • 98 grams


  • Non-Drive flange diameter – 33mm
  • Drive flange diameter – 52mm
  • Non-Drive center to flange – 36mm
  • Drive center to flange – 19mm
  • Axel diameter – 15mm


  • 2×6803 2×6802 full ceramic Enduro’s


  • 20h
  • 24h
  • 24h
  • triplet

Front hub


  • 30 grams


  • Flange diameter – 29mm
  • Center to flange – 39mm
  • Axel diameter – 12mm


  • 2×6801 full ceramic Enduro’s


  • 16h
  • 18h
  • 20h

My real question is how well will the full-ceramic bearings hold up, particularly the drive-side hub bearing. After talking to Chuck Panaccione from SuperFly Cycles, who is a veritable bearing guru and who has quite a bit of experience with both full-ceramic and hybrid ceramic bearings, I think that the additional weight of a hybrid might be worth it. But maybe the marketing value of a sub-100 gram rear hub outweighs, literally, the extra durability of ceramic hybrids. Weston did say that they’ve been putting quite a few miles on these hubs, and haven’t had issues with the full-ceramics, so that’s encouraging. I think I need to build up a set for myself and start piling on the miles. Just please don’t tell my wife what they cost…

For photos of the hub, visit our last post on the DASH hubs.

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