New Dash Hubs/Wheels

Here we have some new dash hubs! The guys at Dash are always improving their designs and some how keep getting lighter and lighter. The set weighs 894g  by our scale(with steel spokes!).  If you were to use AX -Lightness rims they would be 804g. Ti spokes would make this even lighter, 700g wheel set anyone? The hubs use  full ceramic all but one place (where the cassette meets the hub)  but all hybrid bearings are an option.

The rear is 100.3g with 1 hybrid and 3 full ceramics and the front is 29.7g.

The wheels need to be built up before the bearings are pressed in, and the hubs need special tools to be worked on. So Dash will be selling wheel sets starting at the end of April for $3000. The hubs that you can work on will weigh more than the hubs that come pre built into a wheel and they will be coming out later this year.

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