Tune Schwarzbrenner Wheels

We just built these up for a customer.  They came in at 1284g for a pair of clinchers! We used Tume Schwarzbrinner 24 Rims 20/24, DT-Swiss 240 rear hub Alchemy Elf front, Sapim CX-Ray spokes. One interesting thing about these wheels is that if we had used Extralite SX front and rear hubs we would have saved around 120g making these clinchers come in around 1160g, for clinchers…

2 thoughts on “Tune Schwarzbrenner Wheels

  1. Hi,
    i’m interested in ordering a set of these wheels, how mu ch do they cost?


  2. Hi Lorenzo,
    Unfortunately Xentis, who made Tune’s rims, went out of business. So there are no rims that i can find on the market right now. I know Tune is going to make the rims again but Im not sure how long it will be until that happens.


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