Dash Ax-Lightness Wheels

These wheels are sick! But seriously, they came to us from dash on Monday and I shipped them out the same day. I managed to snap some pictures before they went out. They weighed in at 804g and when the stickers on the rear wheel are removed they  will weigh sub 800 (probably). The rims are  AX-Lightness SRT24.  Sapim CX-Ray spokes (custom cut by dash to save weight) and the new Dash Maria/Veronica hubs.

Weston at Dash told me these were the first hubs they had done with a campy cassette. They campy hub weighs about 4 grams more than the Shimano because Dash didn’t have a skyline version of the campy cassette body.

Caring Cycling Community

Recently part of our Cycling Technology family Laird (son of co owner Beth) was diagnosed with Burkett’s Lymphoma. Beth, being a good Boulder mom, keeps her kids on a healthy mostly vegetarian diet. Laird, being a kid, loves beef jerky. Our great customer Duc sends us  jerky once in a while and Laird cant get enough of it. When Duc heard that Laird is sick he sent us a big shipment of  jerky. Then our friends at Denver Boulder Couriers brought it to Laird at the Children’s Hospital.

We want to say thank you to Duc and thank you to Denver Boulder Couriers for helping brighten Lairds day. (Duc is the second from the right) The world can be a crappy place sometimes and its good to know there are people out there who will help a sick kid they have never met.