Enve 3.4 Alchemy Hubs

These are the prettiest wheels we have built up, maybe ever. I love how the sliver Alchemy hubs look and they spin like butter.
They weigh in at 1231g. Not the lightest but they make up for it by being so stiff and aero.

Interbike 2011

Tomorrow,Sept 14, I will be heading to Inter-bike in Las Vegas! I am excited about this numerous reasons.

1. I have never met any of our distributors or manufacturers face to face. They have all been very helpful and understanding of my new guy mistakes. (espcially fairwheel) I think its human nature to put a face on a person, even if it is someone you have never met face to face. It is always interesting to see how far off I was in envisioning them.

2. I cant wait to nerd out on the latest and greatest bike components. I purposefully ignored Euro-Bike so I would be properly awed when i get to Vegas.

3. Circulous

4. Cross Vegas will be a blast. Our wheel builder Brian Hutchison will be racing in the dealers race and im expecting great things from him ;) The main event will be great fun also.

5. Its my first time in Vegas. Soooo, I may be getting to the convention center a little late on Thursday morning….

We will have a live photo stream going from the show. If anyone wants me to go to a specific booth and snap some photos post a comment here and ill be sure to accommodate you.