Interbike 2011

Tomorrow,Sept 14, I will be heading to Inter-bike in Las Vegas! I am excited about this numerous reasons.

1. I have never met any of our distributors or manufacturers face to face. They have all been very helpful and understanding of my new guy mistakes. (espcially fairwheel) I think its human nature to put a face on a person, even if it is someone you have never met face to face. It is always interesting to see how far off I was in envisioning them.

2. I cant wait to nerd out on the latest and greatest bike components. I purposefully ignored Euro-Bike so I would be properly awed when i get to Vegas.

3. Circulous

4. Cross Vegas will be a blast. Our wheel builder Brian Hutchison will be racing in the dealers race and im expecting great things from him ;) The main event will be great fun also.

5. Its my first time in Vegas. Soooo, I may be getting to the convention center a little late on Thursday morning….

We will have a live photo stream going from the show. If anyone wants me to go to a specific booth and snap some photos post a comment here and ill be sure to accommodate you.

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