Crumpton Ultralight 9lb 8oz


9lb Di2 bike anyone? We partnered with Nick Crumpton to build a super light Di2 bike. The final weight on our scale was 9lb 8oz, and that is with everything but pedals! Imagine how light this could get if we used SRAM Red instead. The frame is fully custom made to spec for our customer and the components are some of the lightest and most beautiful from around the world.

I can honestly say that if this bike was my size I would have no qualms about riding it. Some people scoff at the thought of riding a 9lb bike but all of these parts are of the highest quality and Nick Crumpton called this frame an every day rider. While I wouldn’t go that far, on a nice day when the weather is right I would take this bike into the mountains and PR all of my regular Strava segments.

Call or email us and we can build one for you too!


Frame Crumpton Ultra Light Frame
Fork Enve 1.0
Wheelset AX-Lightness SRT-42 w/ Extralite Hubs(Ti Spokes)
Tires Tufo Elite 120
Deraileurs Dura Ace Di2
Brakes THM Fibula Brakes 
Brake lever Dura Ace Di2
Handlebar MCFK Compact Road Bars 
Stem Extralite OC Stem
Saddle Dash F5
Crankset THM Clavicula 172.5 w/Extralite Chainrings
Cables & Housing Nokon Brake Cables and Housing
Cassette Recon 10s (11-27)
Chain Kmc X10SL
Skewers KCNC Ti

2 thoughts on “Crumpton Ultralight 9lb 8oz

  1. The bike sounds awesome!! I was thinkin about buying a new bike that’s when I stumbled upon your post about this lightweight bike. So I wanted to know if you’d build one for me? And what is the cost of that bike? I mean it’s gotta be expensive… Please email me the details of the bike( ie. the cost and shipping)
    as soon as you can
    And one last question: Can you deliver it overseas? Cause I live in India…

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