Interbike 2011

Tomorrow,Sept 14, I will be heading to Inter-bike in Las Vegas! I am excited about this numerous reasons.

1. I have never met any of our distributors or manufacturers face to face. They have all been very helpful and understanding of my new guy mistakes. (espcially fairwheel) I think its human nature to put a face on a person, even if it is someone you have never met face to face. It is always interesting to see how far off I was in envisioning them.

2. I cant wait to nerd out on the latest and greatest bike components. I purposefully ignored Euro-Bike so I would be properly awed when i get to Vegas.

3. Circulous

4. Cross Vegas will be a blast. Our wheel builder Brian Hutchison will be racing in the dealers race and im expecting great things from him ;) The main event will be great fun also.

5. Its my first time in Vegas. Soooo, I may be getting to the convention center a little late on Thursday morning….

We will have a live photo stream going from the show. If anyone wants me to go to a specific booth and snap some photos post a comment here and ill be sure to accommodate you.

Ax-Lightness Alpha

This beautiful frame is for a 150lb rider and has a 58.5cm TT, and weighs 1140g w/ all this:
headset bearings
f/r der hangers
seat collar
DT stop w/ adjuster, and l side shift boss
under BB cable guide
4 bolts

By our estimates the frame would weigh about 670g. We can get you started on your journey to Alphadom here
**** UPDATE*****

frame 58.5cm TT, w/ ti shift boss, both der hangers – 703g

fork 203mm w/ 6g Tarnkappe – 244g

cranks 175mm w/ 6802 full ceramics – 366g








Dash AX-Lightness SRT42 Wheels

Our friend Weston from Dash came by the other day to show off the new set of wheels they just finished. They are AX-Lightness SRT-42 rims (16/20), Sapim CX-Ray spokes, Dash Maria/Veronica hubs with hybrid bearings.
They came in at 887g for 42mm rims with steel spokes. Not bad…

You can pick up a pair for $3200

Exposure Lights

We are proud to be one of the very few dealers of Exposure Lights in the US. IMO there are few better lights out there. I will be doing another blog post whith a road test write up but for now the statistics are fairly impressive.

Exposure Lights Sixpack NiteRider Pro 1400 LED
Weight 490g 812g
Battery Life 3(high)/10(med)/24(low)hrs 2.5-64hrs
Lumens 1800 1400
Wires NO YES
Price $649 $649.99

Dash Ax-Lightness Wheels

These wheels are sick! But seriously, they came to us from dash on Monday and I shipped them out the same day. I managed to snap some pictures before they went out. They weighed in at 804g and when the stickers on the rear wheel are removed they  will weigh sub 800 (probably). The rims are  AX-Lightness SRT24.  Sapim CX-Ray spokes (custom cut by dash to save weight) and the new Dash Maria/Veronica hubs.

Weston at Dash told me these were the first hubs they had done with a campy cassette. They campy hub weighs about 4 grams more than the Shimano because Dash didn’t have a skyline version of the campy cassette body.

Caring Cycling Community

Recently part of our Cycling Technology family Laird (son of co owner Beth) was diagnosed with Burkett’s Lymphoma. Beth, being a good Boulder mom, keeps her kids on a healthy mostly vegetarian diet. Laird, being a kid, loves beef jerky. Our great customer Duc sends us  jerky once in a while and Laird cant get enough of it. When Duc heard that Laird is sick he sent us a big shipment of  jerky. Then our friends at Denver Boulder Couriers brought it to Laird at the Children’s Hospital.

We want to say thank you to Duc and thank you to Denver Boulder Couriers for helping brighten Lairds day. (Duc is the second from the right) The world can be a crappy place sometimes and its good to know there are people out there who will help a sick kid they have never met.

Tune Schwarzbrenner Wheels

We just built these up for a customer.  They came in at 1284g for a pair of clinchers! We used Tume Schwarzbrinner 24 Rims 20/24, DT-Swiss 240 rear hub Alchemy Elf front, Sapim CX-Ray spokes. One interesting thing about these wheels is that if we had used Extralite SX front and rear hubs we would have saved around 120g making these clinchers come in around 1160g, for clinchers…

I’m Famous!

A few dedicated followers emailed me to ask if I was the skinny dude shown in VeloNews’s recently released Ultimate Ride Guide. So this afternoon I popped into the Boulder Book Store on the Pearl Street Mall and shelled out $6.99 for my own copy. Okay, truth be told I first thumbed through the publication, not wanting to spend the seven bucks if it was actually my doppelganger, before heading to the register.

Well I guess that having my photo on page 94, without any mention of my name, hardly counts as fame, but my daughter was still excited.

And it’s nice to see get some coverage here, too, as they’ve been super supportive of me for over a decade. This photo, shot with my iPhone, doesn’t do it much justice — the actual spread show Excel’s colors quite nicely.

New Dash Hubs/Wheels

Here we have some new dash hubs! The guys at Dash are always improving their designs and some how keep getting lighter and lighter. The set weighs 894g  by our scale(with steel spokes!).  If you were to use AX -Lightness rims they would be 804g. Ti spokes would make this even lighter, 700g wheel set anyone? The hubs use  full ceramic all but one place (where the cassette meets the hub)  but all hybrid bearings are an option.

The rear is 100.3g with 1 hybrid and 3 full ceramics and the front is 29.7g.

The wheels need to be built up before the bearings are pressed in, and the hubs need special tools to be worked on. So Dash will be selling wheel sets starting at the end of April for $3000. The hubs that you can work on will weigh more than the hubs that come pre built into a wheel and they will be coming out later this year.